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About OCP Bed Bug Exterminator

OCP is a friendly, family run bed bug exterminator. We are glad to assist you with any of your pest problems. OCP Bed Bud Exterminator offers the best solutions for bed bugs removal. We have been working for many years, and our hard work makes us capable of growing to be the Best bed bug exterminator in your area. We are a master in bed bug extermination among the local pest control companies. We have the latest tech equipment and skilled bed bug extermintors who will sort out any issue you are having in your home. We fully exterminate bed bugs from the house or your workplace. Feel your home in protected, and humane hands.


We completely understand that controlling the bed bugs is a hard job. We do focus to inspect at micro level and make sure to clean all areas in a one go including room, under carpet areas, crack, edges; in short every nook and cranny of your house. We are a highly concerned bed bug exterminators for your family and provide the best experience. You should look no further than us!

We can provide you a safe and trustworthy one day service by using heat, and you will get bed bugs free. Space is heated to a temperature proven in the research literature to entirely abolish all stages of the bed bug life cycle. We do all of our work with our own equipment and never subcontract our heat services to prevent our services from any delay.

Our target is to offer you the areas’ best bed bug exterminator as fast and affordably as possible. We provide specialized inspection in the response of the first call. We are committed to helping people by eliminating bed bugs. Getting clear of bed bugs by yourself is challenging. They are mostly so hard to find, and home remedies can only control the outbreak rather than ending it wholly. Take action right away! Don’t live with this stressful problem, and don’t invest thousands changing your mattress.

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